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Ship Management



Rig Move Operation



What We Do


Logistics and Supply

Our marine & offshore logistics is well positioned to respond to the oilfield needs of our clients. We have at our disposal, the technology to deliver prompt and efficient services within our region of operations backed by the expertise of our technical partners and employees.
We are capable of supplying:

Crew Boat - Supply Boat - Tug Boat - AHTS

and much more

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Technical & Sparepart

 we strive to establish ourselves as the ultimate source of trust for our valued clients. Our standards go beyond delivering high-quality services; we aim to ensure that our deliveries are always accurate and timely.  This ensures the establishment of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients


Survey & Inspection

Complete marine survey and inspection services for MOU/MODU , vessels and spare parts in strategic locations globally.


How Does It Work?

Mavi Lotus Marine strives to maintain and further develop maritime activities, fulfilling market standards and meeting national and international rules and regulations.   The Safety of personnel and assets as well as the protection of the environment has top priority within the Mavi Lotus Marine theory. We are committed to safe and secure transportation at sea and our goal is to reach zero incidents, zero spills or releases to the environment, reduction in permitted emissions and zero detentions by continuously improving our procedures, practices and controls.   We carefully select and train our staff in order to constantly meet the requirements of our customers as well as those of national and foreign maritime authorities. The majority of our staff has worked in the Company for many years, thereby ensuring continuity and compliance with the high standards determined by Mavi Lotus Marine.

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