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Our Services

Our services are including but not limited to:

  • Offshore Rig Move

  • Offshore Positioning Services

  • Marine and combined cargo transit and transportation

  • Inspection and Survey of all types of ships / vessels / MOU/MODU , ...

  • Marine Insurance (H&M - P&I)

  • Marine Consultant


Offshore Rig Move Services

Mavi Lotus Marine provides a variety of marine and engineering services related to rig moving of all types of floating units with primary focus on Jack-Up rigs and Semisubmersible rigs

  • Creation & Review of rig move procedures, towage plans, stability calculations and weather forecasts.


Positioning Services & MWS

  • Suitability surveys and MWS approval of tow vessels

  • Towage approvals and provision of Tow Masters

  • MWS attendance at rig move meetings and risk assessments.

  • MWS attendance for dry transportations (float on / float off operations).

  • Client Marine Representation


Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different means of transport; the carrier is liable (in a legal sense) for the entire carriage, even though it is performed by several different modes of transport (by rail, sea and road, for example). The carrier does not have to possess all the means of transport, and in practice usually does not; the carriage is often performed by sub-carriers (referred to in legal language as "actual carriers"). The carrier responsible for the entire carriage is referred to as a multimodal transport operator, or MTO


Inspection and Survey

The full inspection of all types of vessels  to verify that the condition of the unit/ship and its equipment comply with the requirements of international regulations and that  is manned and operated in compliance with these instruments and ensure maritime safety and security and prevent pollution.

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Marine Insurance (H&M - P&I)

Marine insurance covers the physical loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport by which the property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and the final destination.


Marine Consultant

Mavi Lotus Marine Consultancy established to meet the increasing technical service demands of the maritime industry.  we have grown into an expert and experienced technical firm that offers a wide range of consultancy and survey services to the maritime industry.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Mavi Lotus , satisfaction guarantee is any formal assurance that products can be returned, repaired, or replaced if they do not meet the specified quality. ? What Type Of Guarantees Are They? There are many types of satisfaction guarantees, including money-back, lowest price, free trial, and lifetime guarantee.

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